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    2021.9.15 - 9.17
    FIGAP 2020
    2020.10.21 - 10.23
    VIETSTOCK 2020
    2020.10.14 - 10.16
    ECWATECH 2020
    2020.9.8 - 9.10

    Beijing Anns International Exhibition Co.,Ltd is a professional exhibition company in China. We specialized in organizing Chinese companies in industries such as Pumps , Valves, Fluid Power, Water Treatment, Environmental protection, Energy, Agriculture, Livestock, Food and Hotels to participate shows around the world. With years of experience, we have gained quite rich clients resource and been keeping a very good relationships with them.

    We have kept long-term co-operation with many organizers world widely as a result of good understanding of Chinese market ...[More]

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